• Date Night in Quarantine

    Date Night in Quarantine
    While we are in the midst of a global pandemic, date night has a taken on a new look.  In between homeschooling our sons, taking care of our home, cooking 5,000 meals per day and running a business, date nights are less glamorous than before.    For our most recent date night, we ordered curbside pickup and watched a movie.  While it wasn't fancy,...
  • How to Fix a Misshaped Straw Hat

    How to Fix a Misshaped Straw Hat
    It's not uncommon for straw accessories, especially the brim of hats and visors, to arrive misshaped or to become so over time.  There are several easy remedies to fix this. First, if your hat or visor arrives misshaped, lay it on a flat surface (face down) and leave it there overnight.  This gives the straw time to settle after being taken out of the...
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